Helping Hands on Horseback
Helping Hands on Horseback


All of our horses and ponies had to meet very special requirements before coming to work with our Pegasus students. Their former careers are varied and helped prepare them for their jobs as therapeutic animals.

Approximately a dozen of our equine partners live at Pegasus Farm; the others live at our regional chapters. One thing we know for sure is that every one of them is an extremely valuable member of our team!

From time to time, a horse is ready to move on to another job or even retire. If you are in a position to help us find a good home for these horses, please call or email Marielle Baker at (845) 669-8235 x112 or


We just launched a new program called HorseCare Heroes! HorseCare Heroes are monthly donors whose gifts directly support the care of our incredible therapeutic horses at Pegasus Farm. Each eligible horse has a "YOU can be my HorseCare Hero" link in his or her bio. Click the link to read more about the program or to become a HorseCare Hero today. Our horses say, "THANK YOU!"


Meet Our Herd

Banjo 4x6.jpg

Banjo - Pegasus Farm Chapter

YOU can be my HorseCare Hero today!

My name is Banjo, and the sound of kids having fun is music to my ears! I'm an adorable Paint gelding born in 1994, and just like my buddy Mr. Blue, I have one blue eye! I worked for years as a show pony, including leadline classes, then enjoyed a well-earned vacation in Vermont. Upon arrival at Pegasus Farm, I immediately took to our programs, and my inquisitive, friendly nature has won me many fans. I also have made a lot of friends among the herd and most often hang out with Bo.

Bo profile for web.jpg

Bo - Pegasus Farm Chapter

YOU can be my HorseCare Hero today!

Yo, I’m Bo! I’m a steadfast, unflappable 15.2 gray Connemara gelding whose full name is Bunowen. That’s also the name of a castle in County Galway, so I guess that makes me Irish royalty! I’m an experienced training-level event horse whose last job was teaching children and adults how to ride. Boy, my resume sounds like a perfect fit for Pegasus. Must be that Irish luck they always talk about...


Buttercup - Pegasus Farm Chapter

YOU can be my HorseCare Hero today!

Why, hello there! I’m the lovely Princess Buttercup, and when I trot by, I have every prince and pirate in the realm looking my way. Of course, my cute palomino looks are just a bonus—I’m also an excellent athlete who used to show jump and give lessons. As a sturdy 14.1 Quarter pony born in 2006, I’ll have a lot to offer the Pegasus team for years to come!

Charisma 4x6.jpg

Caarisma - Pegasus Farm Chapter

YOU can be my HorseCare Hero today!

Hello, dahlings! La Caarisma here, and I’m so much more than a pretty face. I’m a 15-hand Arabian mare born circa 1999 in the great state of Iowa, and I worked for years as an endurance horse with my owner. My program schedule at Pegasus is quite a bit different, but I have adapted beautifully. I love my students and have flawless manners. I’m also a quick thinker and very eager to do the right thing the first time. When I’m not working, I spend quite a bit of time in the paddock staring at little Rosie, who fascinates me for some reason! In other words, life is pretty good for this fancy but hardworking rock star!


Classico - Ox Ridge Hunt Club Chapter

Bonjour! My name is Classico and I'm a Tobiano/Warmblood gelding born in Canada circa 1996. I'm also known as "Mr. Personality" among my Ox Ridge Pegasus fans. I do love to horse around with all the toys during my lessons. You'll also find me in the costume class at the horse show. I'm the one looking right at the camera!

DC 4x6 for web.jpg

DC - Ox Ridge Chapter

Hi! I'm DC, a chestnut Dutch Warmblood gelding who's bananas about bananas (but I would never turn down a carrot or apple)! I competed at national-level equitation shows in my prior career, which trained me for my very important job helping Pegasus riders. I'm quite smart, curious, patient and eager to learn. Gosh, I suppose I'm practically perfect in every way!

Dundee 4x6_0_0.img_assist_custom.jpg

Dundee - Kelsey Farm Chapter

Yo, guys! Check out my multicolored mane and awesome dorsal stripe! I'm Dundee, and I'm a Quarter Horse cross gelding about 13 hands tall and born circa 1997. My color is called "grullo" (grew-yo), which is Spanish for the word "crane" and is the rarest of all coat colors. In other words, don't try to find it in a box of crayons! You should see me jump. I still compete as a show pony, but it doesn't compare to working with my wonderful Pegasus students.

Freckles 4x6_0.img_assist_custom.jpg

Freckles - Kelsey Farm Chapter

So, OK, I guess it's no mystery why my name is Freckles! I'm a hardworking Appaloosa gelding just like my dear friend Packer was, and boy, do I like to participate in shows and lessons. The Pegasus folks love my positive can-do attitude, and I love them right back!

Jack KF for web.jpg

Jack - Kelsey Farm Chapter

Hey, I'm Jack! I'm a chestnut gelding with unusual eyes, and my 14-hand pony build is a great fit for lots of riders. Now, you and I may have a slightly different opinion of how soon I should start trotting after you say "trot," but it's life's little differences that make things interesting, right?

KoKo 4x6.jpg

KoKo - Pegasus Farm Chapter

YOU can be my HorseCare Hero today!

No, I’m not Black Beauty, but I do get that a lot. I am a VERY big supporter of always being kind to horses, though, and I’m sure you are too! The name’s KoKo, and I’m a German riding pony with lots of show experience in lead line, hunters and equitation. I’m smart, curious and friendly gelding, and my prior career helps me understand what my students need from me in program. Sound like I’m a wunderbar addition to this Pegasus equine team!


Mac-A-Roani - Pegasus Farm Chapter

YOU can be my HorseCare Hero today!

Who’s in the mood for pasta? Not me—I prefer my carbs in carrot form! I’m Mac-A-Roani (Roani for short), and I’m an adorable roan gelding Quarter Horse who is quite a smart guy too. I’m the perfect size (15.1), very friendly and always eager to please, so if you think I’d rather be somewhere other than Pegasus, well, that’s just fusilli!

Montana KF.img_assist_custom.jpg

Montana - Kelsey Farm Chapter

I'm Montana, the Chincoteague pony of Greenwich! Wow, that's a lot of geography. I love being a Pegasus therapeutic horse, and my favorite job is to help riders become independent. I'm a 14.2 dun gelding, and my students love the very unique marking on my neck - it looks like a water balloon that went splat!

Mr Blue_0.img_assist_custom.jpg

Mr. Blue - Pegasus Farm Chapter

YOU can be my HorseCare Hero today!

OK, I think there’s no mystery as to why my name is Mr. Blue (hint: it’s not because I did it “My Way”)! But, surprise - my other eye is brown! I’m a Paint cross pony gelding standing at about 13 hands, which makes me a great size for my riders. I used to be a hunter pace and lesson pony, and I’m a curious social butterfly around kids. Add in my quick step and good movement, and I’d say I have a nice mix of skills for my therapy pony job. Don’t just take my word for it, though—I was the 2016 PATH Intl. Region 1 Equine of the Year!

Petey KF_0.img_assist_custom.jpg

Petey - Kelsey Farm Chapter

Oh, hello - I'm Petey! I'm small but sturdy, and my students and volunteers think I look like an adorable toasted marshmallow. I love to work with a wide range of participants - beginners, seasoned riders ... no matter what, I'm happy!

Sherman PF.img_assist_custom.jpg

Sherman - Pegasus Farm Chapter

YOU can be my HorseCare Hero today!

Who’s the huge Draft cross with the dainty trot? Why it’s me, Sherman, otherwise known as Twinkle Toes! I’m a 15.2 Dun born circa 2001, and like most big guys, I’m just a huge puppy dog. I started my career on the trails of Kentucky, and I’m enjoying the switch to English riding here at Pegasus. I LOVE people and attention, so this gig is working out just great!

Violet 4x6.jpg

Violet - Pegasus Farm Chapter

YOU can be my HorseCare Hero today!

Hello up there, I’m Violet! I’m a sweet little miniature horse, My Pegasus friends tell me I was born to do this job, and that makes me so happy I could do a backflip! I was a petting horse at the Catskills farm where I grew up, so the unmounted program is right up my alley. My peanut size is kinda hard to resist, so I’m pretty popular with visitors and people who have never met a horse before. I’m a pint-sized equine ambassador!


AJ- Pegasus Farm Chapter

YOU can be my HorseCare Hero today!

Hey everyone, my name is short and sweet so you can’t forget it, I’m AJ! I’m a bay quarter horse cross born in 1997.  I was formerly a lesson horse over in CT, but I’m now a proud NY resident standing proud and tall at 15.2 hands.  


Quiz- Pegasus Farm Chapter

YOU can be my HorseCare Hero today!

Hi everyone, I’m Quiz but you certainly won’t need to be quizzed on how much I’m loving being a therapy horse. I am a stunning Dark Bay Percheron Thoroughbred born in 2002. My previous hobbies included eventing and first level dressage but now I’m a busy program horse at Pegasus Farm. 

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