Helping Hands on Horseback
Helping Hands on Horseback

Pegasus Horse Show

Mark your calendar for the 2021 Pegasus Horse Show!

Saturday, June 26th at Pegasus Farm 





The 39th Annual Pegasus Horse Show 

Building on the success of last year's drive-thru Horse Show we have something very special planned! The Annual Horse Show provides a wonderful opportunity for our riders with specials needs to celebrate their accomplishments with family and friends in a unique, nurturing and supportive environment. Not only will participants compete in the riding portion of the Horse Show but they will have the opportunity to participate in some very and engaging activities afterward. Each student will earn a show ribbon for accomplishing a particular horsemanship skill exceptionally well.

This event is guaranteed to be full of fun activities, arts, music, grooming, games, visits from some new four-legged friends (you'll have to wait and see who our special guests are).

And of course, there will be ice cream and other treats along the way!

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To speak with us regarding sponsorships or a donation in honor of our participants, contact Director of Development  Candice Sciarrillo at or (845) 669-8235 x110.  Click here to learn about Sponsorship Opportunities  



Your participation as a Pegasus Horse Show sponsor not only lets our friends in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Fairfield counties know you are committed to our mission, it also supports essential programs for our very exceptional participants! Your support means a child can develop fine motor control, become more engaged, develop verbal skills, and gain core strength. It means adults can master independent living skills, veterans can learn to overcome PTSD and frontline workers can find a renewed sense of well-being and empowerment.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our incredible participants.


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2020 Virtual Drive-Thru Pegasus Horse Show, August 15! 






Sixty children and adults with special needs proudly demonstrated their equestrian skills at the 37th annual Pegasus Horse Show on June 7-8. Hosted at Pegasus Farm, the event included class activities such as posting the trot, steering through an obstacle course and performing unmounted horsemanship exercises. 

Grouped in classes of three to five athletes, each Pegasus Horse Show participant demonstrated skills he or she practiced during weekly lessons at one of our three chapter locations in Fairfield and Putnam counties. Each student earned a show ribbon for accomplishing a particular horsemanship skill exceptionally well.

This year, Alice Stewart won The Ann Pinkerton Award for Adult Rider of the Year; Rose Aglieco won The Pat Bugg Award for Special Service and Dedication to Pegasus; Ryan Hornick won The Pegasus Horsemanship Award; Allyson Schroeder won the Robert M. Stein Challenge Trophy for Outstanding Rider of the Year; Marilyn Platt and Barbara Kurian both won The Peggy & Bill Larned Award for Most Helpful Volunteer; Rhiana Brennan won The Seth A. Armen Junior Volunteer of the Year Award; Phillip Alves won The Michele Arnhold Independent Rider Award; Pegasus Farm's Bo and Sherman both won The Libby Bartnick Award for Pegasus Therapy Horse of the Year and last but not least, Daniel Reilly received a Special Honor as a long time Pegasus friend.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Pegasus Horse Show a huge success! Below are some photo highlights posted to our Facebook page:




Best PositionFor the best performance of the horse, riders must stay centered in the saddle. Position also includes alignment of the rider’s body from the side, which means that an imaginary straight line could be drawn down from the ear to the shoulder to the hip to the heel. Riders should ride with their eyes up, shoulders back and heels down.

Best Transitions: Transitions are changes of gait, either in the upward direction (e.g., halt to walk, walk to trot, walk to canter, trot to canter) or in the downward direction (e.g., walk to halt, trot to walk, canter to trot, canter to walk). Riders should be organized and maintain position while changing gait.

Best Use of Aids: Riding aids are the cues the rider gives the horse to communicate with him. Aids help the rider to steer, control and change the speed/direction/energy of the horse. The natural aids are hand, seat, leg and voice. The more skilled a rider is at using the aids, the less obvious the rider’s aids become.

Best Posting: Posting is a skill learned in preparation for the trot. The trot is a two-beat gait, and the rider rises on one beat and sits (controlled) on the other. Posting prevents bouncing, which improves comfort for both horse and rider. Posting should be rhythmic and controlled. This skill will be judged at the walk and trot.

Best Half Seat: The half seat is also referred to as the two-point or jumping position. The rider rises out of the saddle and maintains a standing position with knees and hips flexed, which allows the horse to use his back when climbing hills and jumping over fences/rails. The half seat requires the rider to use leg strength, proper body alignment and balance. This skill will be judged at the walk and trot.

Best Control of the Horse: As riders move toward greater independence, it is imperative that they are able to be in full control of their horse by effectively using their aids, managing speed and transitions, and steering to direct their horse and maintain safe spacing.

Participation: This ribbon celebrates a rider’s successful participation in our Pegasus Horse Show.



Robert M. Stein Challenge Trophy for Outstanding Rider of the Year

This award is given to a Pegasus student who demonstrated improved riding skills and outstanding qualities in sportsmanship during the previous year. The award reflects the values of its namesake, Bob Stein, father of Betsy Stein Medinger. Bob embodied the qualities of determination, sportsmanship, using your abilities to the fullest and enjoying every day.  

2017: Christopher Hynes
2015: Katherine Robb & Ethan Wachs
2014: Katie Ucker
2013: Joseph Deutmeyer
2012: Tim Martin
2011: Julia Simpson
2010: Kate Banfield
2009: Phoebe Sherry
2008: Rachel Fletcher
2007: Lesley Schwarzschild
2006: Stephanie Williamson
2005: Sarah Nicholas
2004: Charlotte Stack
2003: Colin O’Brien
2002: Ann Pinkerton
2001: Ann Brautigam
2000: Brian Horberg
1999: Jonathan Leach
1998: Michael Rodgerson
1997: Thomas Acocella
1996: Josh Perloe
1995: Aaron Grean
1994: Jason Breslin
1993: Missy McDonnell
1992: Craig Zieba
1991: Gordon Smith
1990: Dana Sussman
1989: Lisette Timcke

The Michele Arnhold Independent Rider Award

Michele Arnhold was a volunteer and lifelong friend of Pegasus. An avid horsewoman, she enjoyed sharing her love of horses with others. Created in her memory, this award goes to a Pegasus student who demonstrates a high level of independent riding.

2017: Hannah Cunningham
2015: Brian Martin
2014: Coby Kilion
2013: Colin Murphy
2012: Lallina el-Saieh
2011: Sam Boaknin
2010: Justine Perloe
2009: Sam Margolis

The Ann Pinkerton Award for Adult Rider of the Year

Pegasus established the Ann Pinkerton Award for Adult Rider of the Year in celebration of the life and legacy of longtime student Ann Pinkerton. Pinky’s charitable trust generously funded the building of our covered outdoor arena and several other projects at Pegasus Farm. This award will be given to the adult rider who has shown the most improvement over the year.

2017: Chris Gleason
2015: Talbot Clarke
2014: Samantha Sexton
2013: Juliette Barberie
2012: Heidi Eschweiler
2011: Nicholas Ippolito

The Pegasus Horsemanship Award

The Pegasus Horsemanship Award was established in 2017 to recognize participants in our unmounted program. The program has expanded over recent years, and participants now have the opportunity to progress through activities at a higher level once they have completed the introductory level goals. The Pegasus Horsemanship Award recognizes a participant who has demonstrated excellent horsemanship skills and is a kind and caring friend to our therapeutic horses.

2017: Charlie Eagleson

The Pat Bugg Award for Special Service and Dedication to Pegasus

Pat Bugg was an extraordinary volunteer and amazing part-time office manager. She was wise, winsome and delightful—totally dedicated to Pegasus and a role model for all. This award goes to a Pegasus friend who has gone above and beyond in helping us further our mission and grow our programs.

2017: Joe Cusato
2015: Erik Swain
2014: Fox Hill Farms
2013: Jamie Cassano
2012: John Carberry
2011: Kim Dow
2010: Easy Kelsey/Kelsey Farm
2009: Betsy Stein Medinger
2008: Lois Brockmann
2007: Nicole Russo
2006: Easy Kelsey
2005: Charlie, Sherrell & Aaron Grean
2004: Rosalie Berkowitz
2003: Sue McGraw
2002: Peter Reed
2001: Seth Armen
2000: Susie Thompson
1999: Jane Fitzpatrick
1998: Florence Asch & Peggy Larned
1997: Janet Martella
1996: Don Weill
1995: Barb Birdsall

The Peggy & Bill Larned Award for Most Helpful Volunteer

Judy and Max Richter created this award in memory of devoted volunteers Peggy and Bill Larned. Peggy co-founded the Greenwich chapter in 1976; Bill accompanied her as sound expert and video cameraman at many Horse Shows.

2017: Doreen Salerno
2015: Vicky Skouras
2014: Dieter Cakavell
2013: Judy Williams
2012: Vic Romley
2011: Sue Brubaker
2010: Priscilla Lucas
2009: Chris Coyle
2008: Lily Reich
2007: Bob & Tina Theurkauf
2006: Alice Daly
2005: Bruce Dixon
2004: Daniela Economou
2003: Betty Foulk
2002: Florence Asch

The Seth A. Armen Junior Volunteer of the Year Award

This award honors the memory of longtime volunteer and Board President Emeritus Seth Armen, a brilliant visionary who demonstrated the essence of volunteerism. Honorees are 18 or younger, have volunteered with us for at least two years, and have demonstrated outstanding service to Pegasus and selfless dedication to the greater good of our mission.

2017: Noah Berliner
2015: Anabeth Bostrup
2014: Ann Garg
2013: Julia Albrecht
2012: Aemilia Phillips

The Libby Bartnick Award for Pegasus Therapy Horse of the Year

Created in honor of our special friend and Pegasus instructor Libby Bartnick, and courtesy of the D’arcy Fund, this award celebrates the extra-special role of Pegasus horses. (Horse owner listed in parentheses.)

2017: Princess Buttercup (Pegasus)
2015: Mr. Blue (Janet & Jessica Roth)
2014: Lilly (Marny Mansfield)
2013: Classico (Sue McGraw)
2012: Honey Bun (Pegasus)
2011: Dixie (Pegasus)
2010: Packer (Pegasus)
2009: Ellie (Cheryl Garrett)
2008: Chance (Pegasus)
2007: Cortell (New Canaan M.T.)
2006: Sparkie (Ann Grenci)
2005: Ben (Easy Kelsey)
2004: Annie (Jill Medinger)
2003: Champ (Marsha Chambers)
2002: Riverman (Judy & Max Richter)
2001: Judge (Lois Brockmann)
2000: Woody (Sue McGraw)
1999: Chubby (Philip Richter)
1998: Dewey (Cindy & Pete Crosby)


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